"Nepal is a landlocked and mountainous country".
I think we all know this. but for me it was a chance to actually live that statement during my 10 days trek to Mustang. It was indeed a different Nepal from what i am used to seeing. I could only see mountains and mountains and more mountains. Even when i closed my eyes and try to sleep at night i could only see mountains. It was all quiet, peaceful, clear blue sky and WINDY. The only thing you could hear was the wind blowing. But it's surprising and amazing to see how people have been able to survive in those areas. A pretty slow paced life, no electricity in most of the places, donkeys and horses everywhere, numbers of descent lodges and camp areas. very hospitable people were some of the features of mustang region. The hikes were really tough as we had to go 3800 metres high and walk six to seven hours each day. Anyways, I was glad in a way that it gave me a little break from usual kathmandu lifestyle and got the chance to see the actual Nepal. I have uploaded some pictures from this highly adventurous trip. Do check it out. ENJOY!!!